Marty Holohan


Marty Holohan

Marty was 11 when he joined a drum and bugle corps, where his instructor's only advice was to "blow in the little end, kid!" He then bought himself a trumpet and has been playing ever since. He has performed with various groups coast to coast and throughout Canada. Marty has also performed as a soloist for weddings, church services, and concert and community bands. Marty was recently inducted into the Pennsylvania Drum Corps Hall of Fame at the Lifetime level for his talent and commitment to drum corps music. He and his wife Tara, also with 22 Park Avenue, live in Edgemont Township with their ice-cream-loving son, Gerry.

The trumpets highlight our man Marty
He crafts all his notes sweet and smarty
When he plays high or low
In practice or a show
The notes sound like they're at a party!

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